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Attorney Ismail Laher

focuses on simplifying Complex Issues and offering Guidance in  civil, criminal and regulatory matters as well as FREE case evaluations in with “no win – No fee” Serious Injury cases for individuals and businesses alike.

Mr Laher is  with the Law firm Liles Parker, PLLC and co-counsels with other law firms on an “as needed” case by case basis so as to assemble the best team to help you.

Ismail Laher Georgetown, Harvard, Natal


Offering guidance in "No win - no Fees " Injury & other complex cases

What is a “No Win, No Fee” Case?

Washington DC Attorney Ismail Laher focuses on simplifying Complex Issues and offering Guidance in civil, criminal and regulatory matters as well as FREE case evaluations in with “no win – No fee” Serious Injury cases for individuals and businesses alike.

The practical reality today is that most folks need help with basic law related issues such as understanding their case, getting advise on who is best suited to take on their case, what are the chances of success in their case and what will their case cost, etc?

Lawyer Ismail Laher understands this need and has over the years been assisting and guiding many people families businesses and professionals in this regard.  Attorney Laher also wants you to understand that he may not be able to fully assist every person who seeks him out for  advice.

However, he  is  very willing to add other lawyers to work with him or to pass pass on a case to another law(firm)  who he feels is better qualified to take on the case. He may even suggest  alternatives of a few names or firms that may be interested in taking on the case if he is not able to help.

His belief is that at the end of the day, he must do what is in the best interest of the person requesting advice from him even if this means he does not profit or generate any fees from his advice.  This is  his “fiduciary duty” both as a lawyer and as a  human being.  

Mr. Laher is with the Liles Parker law firm.  Liles Parker Lawyers  are available to serve as Health Care Provider Counsel, White Collar Defense Counsel and also as outside General Counsel on an as needed basis.

Mr. Laher is a graduate of Harvard, Georgetown and Natal Universities. He was previously associated with the Jones Day law firm in their Washington, DC office.

By way of background: Ismail Laher  is a current member of NAML, CAMBA, DC Bar, ISNA, DC Bar, NY Bar.  He is a past member of AILA, ABA, Shriners,  NYBA and more. He is a graduate of the FBI and FCPD citizens academy.  both He is Muslim by birth and an active member of his neighborhood mosque (ShirleyGate) in Fairfax VA.  He also heads up a leadership program (Gisla – GreenStairs) at this mosque focusing on cultivating excellence in high school students and the community. He is married with three grown up children.

Below are some the areas that Mr Laher offers guidance and advice on:

ACCIDENT / Personal Injury cases

advising on remedies arising out of injuries caused by negligence in car, truck or bike accidents , or by slip & fall injuries in hotels or work places, or by wounds from  dog bites, or by brain or other injury arising from exposure to  dangerous products, or by negligence causing wrongful death, etc.

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Negligence / Malpractice cases

advising on remedial options available injury or violations arising out of negligence by Government officials, by prisons, by police, by persons in  authority, by misdiagnosis in  hospitals, by defective products, or malpractice by professionals, etc.


advising on remedies for violations arising out of misconduct by government, by police brutality, by discrimination based on disability, religion, race, employer or gender, by violation of jail and prison rights or fair housing rights, by sexual harassment, etc


advising on remedies from a “Whistle Blower”  making a claim under the False Claims act. 

This law provides a “financial incentive” for persons to report or  “blow the whistle”” on financial irregularities involving Federal or State government monies in procurement contracts, medical billing, etc.

Healthcare provider Audit Defense and legal counselling

Mr Laher is with the law firm Liles Parker PLLC. The Liles Parker law firm represents Health Care Providers in many area areas of health care law with an emphasis in the area of Health Care Provider audit Defense. 

The Law firm has an experienced team of legal professionals including former Federal Prosecutors , a former HHS legal counsel and multiple talented health care law lawyers

Liles Parker lawyers have have also distinguished themselves by gaining recognition as Certified Billers, Certified Professional Coders (CPC) , Certified Medical Coding Specialists (CMCP) , and Certified Medical Compliance Officers (CMCO).

"White collar" and related criminal defense

Liles Parker “white collar”  attorneys represent corporations and individuals in connection with the defense of financial crimes, government regulatory investigations, Fraud audits and anti trust investigations., complex state criminal defense cases, and representing defendants against a wide variety of felony charges

False claims act case reviews

Liles Parker attorney are available to  aggressively to protect your financial interests. in this specialized area of law

General counsel services

Attorney laher and his colleagues are always available to provide you with cost effective counselling when you need it, and as you need it.

"No win-No fee" cases are also called "contingent Fee" cases as clients are not charged any fee if the case is lost.

(Usually, attorneys are very careful when they choose which contingency type case, take on as they only get a share of your award if you win AND recover monies. If the case is lost, the attorney cannot recover any fees.)

“Choosing an Attorney is a BIG Decision!”

Attorney Laher and his network of colleagues can review your case for free, explain how the process works, help you take steps ASAP to assemble the facts, find witnesses, collect records, and preserve (video/cell) evidence, etc.

These attorneys may work me me on your case, or take on your case or we will try to help you find the best counsel for your case.

Most Importantly, we will try to explain to you how these cases work and why you should NOT sign away your claim rights too soon by settling the case directly too soon.

FYI: I also have a network of attorneys who can help and guide you with other complex legal matters, serious criminal cases, and other cases.

“No win, no fee” cases demand good strategy and strong preparation to win